Slam Dunk Manga Profile For Tatsuhiko Aota

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Tatsuhiko Aota takes place being the workforce captain with the Shohoku judo team from the Slam Dunk Manga. He is a childhood crony of the Akagi siblings. On the list of siblings was Takenori they usually continually argue in a youthful age concerning which Activity was far better – judo or basketball.

And perhaps up on the present, both however continues to argue concerning which workforce will be declared the National Champion. The moment within the life of Tatsuhiko, he offered Sakuragi to be involved in the judo group mainly because he found the latter’s combating expertise impressive. Since he was having a tricky time luring him to hitch, he bribed Sakuragi with some photographs of Haruko.

Slam Dunk Manga Character Profile:

Title: Tatsuhiko Aota

Year: Third

Voice Actor: Hideyuki Umezu

Crew: Shohoku Judo Club
But nonetheless, he refused to because as a cause he just loves basketball and not judo. But The truth is, it is actually because he could be closer to her crush  อ่านโดจิน Haruko if he performs basketball. Still, Tatsuhiko isn’t going to surrender easily and Occasionally he continued to try to entice him.

But In spite of his incapability to physically pressure Sakuragi into becoming a member of the judo workforce, Tatsuhiko has remaining practically nothing to demonstrate on his judo abilities as he had by now tested that. And being a testament, he was the one sole member of the team to qualify for the Countrywide Championships.

Having said that, he is a delinquent university student and has to beg for an opportunity to retake the exam after failing in the very first just take. His crush with Haruko is continual since they were youthful from the Slam Dunk Manga.